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Calling the Right North Richland Hills Locksmith: Gun Safety the Do’s and Dont’s
Guns don’t kill people kill. A familiar if not controversial statement. North Richland Hills locksmith is neither anti or pro gun, but we are always pro safety. The safe use of hand and long guns is not only the smart way to go North Richland Hills locksmith points out it’s the law and we are writing this article to make sure you stay on the right side of it.
• North Richland Hills locksmith do’s number 1 is straight forward. Get a safe, it is the best and most efficient if and the legal way to store firearms.
• Do treat any firearm you are handling as if it is loaded.
• Another of North Richland Hills locksmith’s do’s is to keep the finger off the trigger and on the trigger guard until you are ready to fire. You should also have a trigger lock on each firearm when it is stored.
• Another safety tip on the North Richland Hills locksmith do’s list is to to store the firing pin and other key parts as well as the ammunition for each firearm in separate boxes, each with it’s own lock.
• Do check to see that the weapon is unloaded before handing it to anyone or taking it from anyone.
• This do is extremely important so much so that North Richland Hills locksmith wants you to pay particular attention to it. Wear eye and ear protection, limit exposure to gasses and heavy metal particles and solvents associated with gun cleaning.
• Another important do on the North Richland Hills locksmith list is to keep firearms clean. A dirty weapon can lead to some nasty problems.
• North Richland Hills locksmith does absolutely suggest that you take a firearms safety course and also recommends training every time you encounter a new firearm.
• Another key to do on the list from North Richland Hills locksmith is to only use the ammo the gun is rated for and also to NEVER mix the parts of one gun with another of the same type. Each gun has subtle unique qualities despite being the same make and model.
• Teach your kids about guns, let them know they are not toys. Another good do from North Richland Hills locksmith is to tell kids to find an adult if they find a gun in a public space. Never pick the weapon up. Instead call the police and let them deal wit the weapon.


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• Don’t ever point a firearm at anything or anyone unless you intend to shoot it. North Richland Hills locksmith reminds you that once the round is fired the shot can’t be taken back.
• The last place you want to store a firearm is under your pillow, in a drawer or under your bed. It has been know to happen that people with sleep disorders or who are prone to nightmares have killed people because of an altered state of mind.
• A good rule of thumb from North Richland Hills locksmith when it comes to firearms is to never rely on a mechanical device for safety. Weapons jam and devices fail, check before using the firearm tat the weapon is in working order.
• It’s hard to believe people do these things that you should not. North Richland Hills locksmith absolutely advises you to never fire across a road or a highway, at hard surfaces or water in case of ricochet. Never use a stop sign or any other property for that matter as a target and always make sure that the bullet can be stopped if it goes through a target. This is a big no no that North Richland Hills locksmith wants you to be aware of, never fire strait up or at an angle that is high. Even a .22 round can still kill a mile away.
• Don’t put ammo near a heat source.
• Don’t use firearms while on medications that alter your mid and never drink and shoot.
• North Richland Hills locksmith also suggest that hunters not over camouflage themselves. Wear something that will be bright enough for fellow hunters to see and know you are not the target.
• North Richland Hills locksmith also advises against carrying a pistol in a waistband or pocket.
• Above all don’t take safe use of firearms for granted.
• Don’t ignore the instructions of the range safety officer. They are trained professionals who are there to ensure the safe use of firearms, it’s in your best interest to obey them at all times.

North Richland Hills locksmith believes it to be a good idea to consider speaking with a professional about safe gun storage. A locksmith can help you in this regard. North Richland Hills locksmith recommends also consulting with a with a law enforcement professional gun safety. One of our most excellent sources for information on this matter is NORTH RICHLAND HILLS locksmith’s. In business since 1900 NORTH RICHLAND HILLS locksmith’s has been providing professional locksmith services to the greater city are. For more information North Richland Hills locksmith recommends calling NORTH RICHLAND HILLS locksmith’s at 555 555 5555